How we manage sustainability At TOI TOI DIXI creating value has traditionally meant continuously optimizing our processes prod ucts and services in terms of economic social and environmental sustainability In the 2022 year we made the decision to gather these various ongoing sustainability activities together and to set up a cor porate center function charged with their systematic management in close consultation with the various operating units With the assistance of external consultants we cre ated the required structures for a cross border and cross departmental sustainability management sys tem This incorporates existing systems that have proven to be effective including our supplier waste disposal quality compliance data protection and information security management systems ISMS In addition during 2022 we also considered a range of options for a software supported system for managing sustainability data We expect to make a decision on an appropriate solution for this purpose in the near future so that the implementation process can get under way during the current year or at the latest in the first quarter of 2023 Over the next few years we will roll our operational sustainability management system out across our entire core business Max Teichner CEO of TOI TOI DIXI GROUP GmbH The sustainability goals we set ourselves at the stra tegic level will be achieved by having clearly defined spheres of responsibility These include the creation of a sustainability function at our corporate center establishing the cross departmental sustainability committee and defining clear reporting lines from the group s national operating companies To boost the profile of our sustainability management activities we have developed the WE CARE logo which symbolizes our commitment as a sustainable business 9 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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