About this report TOI TOI DIXI GROUP has been engaged in the de velopment of sustainable solutions for several de cades and is constantly optimizing the various pro cesses along its value chain to make them more sustainable Now the time has come to report on these activities because we want our position as the world market leader to be confirmed and further highlighted by our achievements in the sustainabili ty arena True to the maxim of do good and talk about it this short report is a sign of things to come offering our stakeholders for the very first time an overview and progress report on our specific sustainability initiatives and the challenges we face in various action areas The quantitative and qualitative indicators in this short report mainly refer to the 2021 financial year This report also includes some significant information from the current calendar year up until the copy close date in September 2022 As well as defining the reporting period we have also defined the report s scope of consolidation We chose this approach partly to ensure a representative pre sentation of sustainability achievements across the whole of the group but also to allow for certain practicalities Capturing definitive and reliable sus tainability data along our entire global value chain is a challenging process which we are developing for our internal and external reporting in stages and with considerable rigor We have therefore decided to begin by reporting from our highest turnover Euro pean national operating companies namely our companies for Germany the Czech Republic Poland Spain and Switzerland Approximately 65 of the group s total turnover was generated in Germany the Czech Republic Spain and Switzerland in 2021 8 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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