Dear readers business partners and employees TOI TOI DIXI is a familiar name to almost everyone today and many know us from having used our products and services at events on work sites in parks or at lakeside swimming venues Our commit ment is to keep providing these facilities with an ever diminishing resource footprint and constantly improving hygiene outcomes We service locations of all kinds providing temporary and non permanent hygiene and sanitation solutions and concepts that equal the facilities found in buildings in terms of convenience and increasingly also of quality At the same time we are continuously striving to be more environmentally friendly Our business model is based on offering products and services on a rental basis Consequently our capital investment decisions have a long term focus and the long service life of our products delivers real benefits to our customers to the environment and to us Quality conserving resources and environ mentally friendly processes across the entire service chain are therefore integral parts of our recipe for success Today s push for increased sustainability is driven by longstanding environmental priorities such as the need to reduce water consumption and waste and use cleaning agents responsibly Increasing importance is being given to reducing CO2 emissions both in the home and in business and industry Like many other suppliers we are critically examining all emission rel evant processes across our entire business model and implementing measures to reduce our CO2 footprint In the medium to long term this includes switching our entire vehicle fleet over to alternative powertrain technologies such as electrification To achieve this our vehicle technology experts are working closely with leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles in order to make rapid progress towards intelligent solu tions for this core challenge Our products and services contribute directly to meet ing many of the sustainable development goals de clared by the United Nations in its Agenda 2030 These include first and foremost the goals of good health and wellbeing and clean water and sanita tion SDGs 3 and 6 Our ability to make a significant contribution to human health through hygiene and sanitation services has been demonstrated very clearly during the COVID 19 pandemic Our continuous improvement in this area is based on intensive R D investment and maintaining our own in house production capabilities This enables us to maintain our position both as a world market leader in mobile sanitation solutions and as a driver of in novation in sustainable products and services Our 3 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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