While the use of disinfectants and cleaning agents is essential for effective hygiene we are determined to balance this with the needs of the environment and are therefore constantly striving for solutions to reduce our use of chemical substances to an absolute minimum Our sachets Every TOI TOI DIXI GROUP hygiene solution is designed and produced with maximum attention to environmental considerations A good example of this is the sachets used in our portable toilets which ensure hygiene and reduce odors while at the same time complying with environmental standards We are also conducting research into the use of biocide free sachets that use bacteria and enzymes to compete with intestinal bacteria providing a more eco friendly alternative to conventional biocides These are supplemented by agents that act via the air to neutralize odors Our criteria We carefully determine what disinfectants are required to prevent bacteria and viruses from spread ing and becoming a public health hazard But before any cleaning agent or disinfectant can be used by TOI TOI DIXI it must meet a number of criteria Effectiveness and performance Protection of employees and customers health Standardized properties for optimal use dosage levels and dilution Environmental compatibility and break down properties e g hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of container tanks and pipelines Our guiding principle We take the utmost care in determining what disinfectants are required to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading and becoming a public health hazard Environment Chemicals The chemicals we use take between 0 and 7 days to break down completely 21 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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