Environment Energy CO2 Waste Water Avoiding waste We are taking the most effective waste avoidance measures right at the production stage through the manufacture of long life portable toilets that can be used for many years before they need to be disposed of as waste once no further recycling is possible Major waste savings can also be achieved by econo mizing on materials and appropriate recycling And naturally we are also taking steps to reduce the vol ume of waste generated across all our business units including paper use in all our administrative process es Wherever possible we sort our waste prior to disposal by municipal or private organizations For example several of our locations in Germany have implemented strict sorting of waste by component materials and disposal by local municipal providers The aim is now to introduce this approach across our entire group of companies Reducing water consumption We are currently running a pilot project to develop the technology and operating parameters for the treatment of rainwater and its reuse in our service operations It is hoped that this will result in a signif icant reduction in our fresh water use for service operations in the medium term 210 433 700 liters of fresh water used Reducing resource consumption helps with the long term conservation of ecosystems Total consumption within the scope of consolidation 20 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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