Our products are robust durable and recyclable We are committed at all stages of their development and production to the highest quality standards and optimized sustainability performance We are constantly enhancing our upcycling and recycling concepts minimizing our resource footprint and planning for long product life cycles State of the art production facilities The latest of our five machines for the production of portable toilets is significantly more energy efficient than the older machines resulting in more sustain able production processes We plan to continue in vesting in energy efficient production facilities Less material Less weight Less fuel consumption The less plastic we use in our products the lighter they are and the more fuel we save on our service vehicle journeys We are therefore constantly working on new solutions for reduced use of plastic including optimizing the design of the roof and other compo nents Products Services Production New upcycling recycling concepts Going forward some of our portable toilets will be made with recycled fishing nets This recycled mate rial will account for about 35 of the overall mix which will not affect the high quality of the prodcut in any way Around 500 portable toilets will be pro duced in this way by the end of 2022 We are also reusing plastic from disused portable toilets or end of life products from other manufacturers in the construction of new units Since mid 2022 for ex ample the side walls of our DIXI PLUS products have been made from 67 recycled material Modular construction and long product life Modular construction makes it easy to replace indi vidual components of our products If only some parts of a toilet unit have become worn or damaged they can simply be replaced and the unit will be restored to full functionality Even major repairs can be carried out in this way The life cycle of a portable toilet through until when it is recycled or correctly disposed of is very long averaging 20 years The superstructures of our service vehicles also con sist of individually replaceable components This makes our processes more flexible extends the ser vice life of our vehicles and saves valuable resources 67 recycled material in the side walls of the DIXI PLUS 20 years of service life for a portable toilet 16 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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