In house hygiene protective measures selection Equipping our locations with hygiene articles and non contact sanitizer dispensers Fitting conference rooms with plexiglass screens and air purifiers Providing service staff with disposable protective overalls as protection against the heightened risk of infection Free COVID 19 rapid antigen tests and instruc tions on hygiene measures Products Services Hygiene External hygiene protective measures for government offices businesses and construction sites selection Support for compliance with stricter hygiene guidelines Mobile hand sanitizer dispensers at various locations Portable toilets at border crossings and in COVID 19 testing and vaccination centers Refilling of sanitizer dispensers at frequent intervals Shorter final cleaning intervals for portable toilets and containers Higher intensity surface disinfection and routine cleaning supported by multipurpose containers and portable toilets Within scope of consolidation TOI CARE hand sanitizers Regular hand washing and disinfection at all locations reduce the risk of microbe transfer 317 vaccination and testing centers 15 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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