BIn 2022 to provide a basis for systematic commu nication with external stakeholders on sustain ability topics we designed and conducted a survey with the assistance of an independent consulting firm We wanted to find out what our stakehold ers thought about various sustainability topics The results of this survey further encouraged us to meet the challenges faced in the identified action areas and to continue engaging with our stakeholders on specific topics on an ongoing basis At TOI TOI DIXI GROUP sustainability does not end at the factory gate We may have created a sustainability management system internally but our sustainability goals can only be achieved in partnership with all relevant stakeholders In 2022 we therefore set up a systematic stake holder management process as an integral part of our sustainability management system We started by identifying and prioritizing the relevant stakeholder groups of TOI TOI DIXI from the perspective of the various parts of our organiza tion Employees Customers Suppliers and service providers Shareholders Local government municipalities Rating agencies Lawmakers Banks Public media Our stakeholders 10 SUSTAINABILITY SHORT REPORT 2022 TOI TOI DIXI GROUP

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